IBW Extractor

A Python-based commandline tool for converting *.ibw (Igor BinaryWave) files to CSV, TSV, or JSON, or dumping the contents to the terminal.

Get it on GitHub: N-Parsons/ibw-extractor


This package depends on igor, click, and numpy. The optional dependencies of igor, namely matplotlib and nose, are neither required nor utilised by this package.

Suggested command: pip install click igor numpy

Package dependencies:

This package has been tested with Python 3.4 and 3.6, and so should be expected to work with Python >= 3.4, but may work with other versions. If you would like to extend compatibility, please submit a pull request on GitHub.


$ python ibw-extractor.py --help

Usage: ibw-extractor.py [OPTIONS] [INFILES]...

  -o, --outfile TEXT              Output filename
  -f, --outformat [csv|tsv|json|dump]
                                  Output format
  -d, --outdir TEXT               Output file directory (relative to input
  --clobber                       Force overwrite without confirmation
  --headers                       Include column headers in csv/tsv output
  --recursive                     Recurse into sub-folders
  --help                          Show this message and exit.