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I am currently a PhD student at the University of Warwick, where I am based in the International Institute for Nanocomposites Manufacturing (IINM) and am part of the Molecular Analytical Science Centre for Doctoral Training (MAS-CDT). Previously, I have completed courses in Mechanical Engineering (MEng, 1st class) and Molecular Analytical Science (MSc, distinction) at the University of Warwick. My PhD project, titled "Advanced experimental modelling study into nanoscopic and macroscopic behaviour of polymer-graphene nanocomposites", focuses on using experimental measurements in conjunction with computational modelling to gain a better understanding of the nanoscopic behaviours of polymer-graphene nanocomposites. The aim is to investigate how the nanoscopic behaviour contributes to the observered difference in macroscopic behaviour seen in nanocomposites compared to more traditional composite materials.

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